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Office Procedures

Office Procedures

We are providing excellence of experienced Gastroenterology Health Care to the residence of Harris, Montgomery, Waller and other neighbouring counties for many years. The advantages of having office endoscopy for our qualified patients are:


Our facility is conveniently located a 1/4 mile from HWY 249 and FM 2920. There is ample parking for our patients and it is located only a couple blocks from Tomball Regional Hospital. Your personalized healthcare is supervised under the care of the same physician who performs the procedure. It is also convenient for both the patient and the family to arrive, park and pick the patient close to our entrance canopy.


You will be able to have your gastroenterology care and/or procedure in the comfort of our office setting.


By having your procedure performed in our facility we will be able to reduce cost by eliminating facility fees. Often your colonosopy for colon cancer screening can be performed with little to no out-of-pocket cost. Contact your insurance carrier and ask if they have contracted with us so you can have your procedure performed by our physician in our office reducing your cost tremendously when compared to other facilities. This is also helpful for patients with no insurance as they do not have to pay for expensive facility fees.


You will be billed in network for our endoscopy and pathology services.


Your privacy concerns are of utmost importance to us. We are proud to offer gastroenterology consultation services, endoscopy services and follow up services all under the same roof to protect your privacy.


Immediate follow up appointment after procedure within the same area by the staff you know, while you recover after the procedure.


We now offer the most advanced sedation available for endsoscopy procedures including colonoscopy, EGD (upper endoscopy) and colon cancer screening. This sedation option ensures the greatest comfort for our patients allowing very deep sedation with rapid recovery time and fewer side effects than traditional sedation. Many patients are choosing this option and experience painless colonoscopy or other endoscopy procedures. We are partnered with a board certified anesthesiologist who provides monitored anesthesia care(MAC) at our location.


Our staff will assist you from scheduling your appointment through having your procedure. You will be seen by our caring staff who are committed to your care. When patients experience concerning symptoms, they don't want to wait weeks for an appointment. With our extensive staff of medical providers we can schedule you quickly and help you get relief. If you are having symptoms like rectal bleeding, swallowing difficulty, hemorrhoid discomfort, severe heartburn, stomach pain or diarrhea, don't wait. We can help.

421 School Street, Suite 110, Tomball, Texas 77375 | Phone: 281-357-1977 | Fax: 281-357-1057 | info@gicentertexas.com
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